Royal Ranch Merge & Collect

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Step into the gardens of Royal Ranch and merge plants to create a majestic collection of flowers. Watch the garden grow and bloom under your fingertips as you unlock special flowers, fruits, and even animals.

You’ll notice that the merging starts off slow and easy with seeds and small plants, but soon you’ll be growing roses, radishes, tomatoes and more! Royal Ranch: Merge & Collect includes many quests to fulfill and item groups to collect.

Click the tent in the middle of the screen to spawn new items. Tap and drag to merge and level up, and move items to the tent to sell them. Double tap energy bolts, gold coins and rubies to add them to your inventory. You can use the menu options at the bottom of the screen to streamline the processes; upgrade your tent, let your magic items spawn at higher levels, recover energy more quickly or finish quests to get extra resources.